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Specializing in custom stone, tile, block, brick, pavers and cultured stone.

Available throughout the West Kootenays

Ten years experience

guaranteed work insured

Having been a real estate developer for more than a decade I now place a high value on professional
trades people who are knowledgeable, reliable and respectful and who perform their trades in a proficient, clean and safe manner.
After noticing the care with which Tristan installed a stone hearth at our rental property, I asked him to install a handcrafted tile mural that I had spent the previous 4 winters creating. The tiles are 3D, not flat; and their size varied. Some tiles also had a serious warp. But most importantly, the tiles had to be installed to “fit the space”. Ever adaptable, Tristan was up for the challenge.
Tristan is a professional mason; the resulting tile mural installation looks marvelous.

Alice Nellestijn